About Venkel & Vlier

Venkel & Vlier is the garden design studio of Silvia Dekker. Silvia was born in a small village in the Dutch flower district. Her father worked as a tree specialist taking care of forests and estates some of which were owned by the Dutch royal family. Her childhood was spent playing outside and climbing trees. After graduating from high school Silvia attended The Royal Academy of arts in The Hague in the Netherlands where she graduated in Conceptual art and design (1997) and Fashion- and Textile design (2000)


After working as an intern at Dutch department store Hema in 1999, Silvia went on to work as a freelance designer for Hema and many other fashion and interior companies for 15 years, designing everything from stationery to floral prints for girls' wear and bedding. If you'd like to have a look at some of her work have a look here. In 2009 Silvia joined the renowned American illustration agency Lilla Rogers Studio and went on to work with many international clients for 6 years.  


In 2012 Silvia and her husband Alfred started their 700 m2 allotment garden just outside Leiden. To begin with the garden was just a ploughed field. Silvia and Alfred planted many trees, shrubs and perennial flower beds. Over time more and more annuals grown from seed and Dahlias were added turning a large part of the garden into a cut flower field. Today Silvia sows 125 varieties of annual flowers, over 100 varieties of tulips and other spring flowering bulbs and plants 125 Dahlia varieties while her husband tends to a growing collection of unusual trees, shrubs, ferns and Hellebores. Silvia's husband is regularly consulted about trees, and all things concerning pruning on which Alfred has become an expert.  


In 2015 Silvia decided to focus on garden design and started Venkel & Vlier Studio. In 2017 she was awarded with the Libelle magazine Garden Tastemaker award. The garden has been featured in Libelle Tuin&zo, Groei & Bloei, Blossomzine, Flow magazine and international Flow magazine. Silvia's Instagram account currently has over 43,500 followers, and 6,900 on Pinterest. 


In 2019 Silvia was invited by Kosmos publishers to write a book, it will be a practical guide to growing cutflowers. The book will be published early March 2020. 


If you would like to know more about working with Venkel & Vlier please do not hesitate to contact Silvia for more information. We love helping you grow more flowers in your garden! 

Working with us

🇬🇧 There are different options for working with us. We love visiting gardens and giving garden consults. We can help you create beautiful flower border designs or garden designs. We can also help you with garden coaching if you need help looking after your garden. Please contact us if you have any questions...


 🇳🇱 Er zijn verschillende mogelijkheden om met ons samen te werken. We komen graag langs om de tuin te bekijken. We maken ontwerpen voor bloemenborders en tuinen. We zijn ook beschikbaar als tuincoach. Als u vragen heeft horen we het graag...

Garden consults - Tuinadvies

🇬🇧 We love looking at gardens and helping people out with any garden problems they may have. For international clients video conferencing is available.


🇳🇱 We komen graag bij de tuin kijken voor tuinadvies. Het eerste consult ter kennismaking is altijd gratis. 

Border Design - Borderontwerp

🇬🇧 If you like our garden borders we can help you create similar flower borders in your garden. This could be from a simple planting list to a complete border design.


🇳🇱 Wij ontwerpen ook bloemenborders voor mensen die graag meer (pluk)bloemen in de tuin zouden willen. Op verzoek maken we ook lijsten met  op elkaar afgestemde planten die geschikt zijn voor in uw tuin...

Garden Design - Tuinontwerp

🇬🇧 If you are starting a new garden or would like to rework an existing garden we would love to help you. Please contact us if you have any questions...


🇳🇱 Wij maken tuinontwerpen voor nieuw aan te leggen tuinen, maar ook voor bestaande tuinen. Er is van alles mogelijk. Voor vragen kunt u altijd vrijblijvend contact opnemen.